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Landscape design is art. It takes a careful eye, a knowledgeable mind, and a listening ear. Your personal needs are at the heart of our business. We want to work with you on the level of a coach, helping to draw out your vision and desires into the reality of your green space. 

Whether it’s scent, color, growing organic food, attracting wildlife, or just simple low maintenance that fulfills your needs and wishes, we have what it takes to bring your vision to life! By infusing your space with colorful butterflies, fragrant flowers, and delicious organic herbs and vegetables, you'll begin to feel the sense of magic and tranquility that comes with being surrounded by a healing garden space.

Brent Knoll, Landscape Designer

Working in sync with nature

Our company isn’t your average landscape design business. With a core focus on sustainable design, we’re interested in the health and longevity of the natural world we live in. We can design and install a beautiful space that’s pleasing to the eye, a tropical landscape, a healing sanctuary for the body, mind, and spirit. Or we can help transform your lawn into a certified wildlife habitat through the National Wildlife Federation program.  

We also specialize in designing and installing edible landscapes, condo container gardens, patio gardens, front yard landscapes, privacy hedges, hummingbird and butterfly gardens, organic gardens, sacred geometry landscapes and labyrinths. All of our landscape designs are serviced with organic and non-organic fertilizers. 

Knoll Landscape Design: Why Us

Why our gardens give you butterflies

My favorite part of the job is the final walkthrough with my clients in their new garden. It’s a special day indeed to give my clients a personal tour and see their reaction after following the progress of the project. 

During the walkthrough, we apply the mulch and discuss the plant names with their purpose – aesthetic, habitat, sensory or all of the above. Often, the butterflies that have become active at this time of the day join us on the tour and this mirrors the butterflies that my clients and I are usually feeling! 

I find it hard to contain my excitement when any project comes to its peak, so my stomach’s full of butterflies and my skin’s covered in goosebumps! On one of my walkthroughs my client exclaimed, “Brent, the garden is truly a wonder to behold. I too have goosebumps!”

Brent Knoll Landscape Designer

Sustainable sanctuaries 

Once the buzz has calmed down, we also discuss my quarterly garden visits to fertilize and inspect. This puts my clients at ease, knowing I’ll have boots on the ground making sure their garden thrives for years to come. To find out more about the process, visit What We Do.

Knoll Landscape Design: Why Us
Knoll Landscape Design: Why Us
Knoll Landscape Design: Why Us

What a pleasure to work with Brent...!

What a pleasure working with Brent has been! He called us back within 24 hours, showed up on time and understood right away the look we were going for. Brent is extremely knowledgeable and will offer you ideas and options but will also listen to you and address any concerns. He finished the project sooner than stated and kept in touch to follow up and make sure there were no issues. I highly recommend Brent to anyone looking for a professional landscape designer who cares and does his job in detail and with a great knowledge. Thank you Brent!


Who is Brent Knoll?

Brent Knoll Landscape Designer

Farmer & nature lover

Brent is a landscape designer and organic gardener specializing in zen bamboo gardens and fantastic edible landscapes. His skills and talents stem from a full-fledged farming upbringing in his home state of Nebraska, and he loves to share his extensive knowledge and love for nature through his work.

Natural visionary

Brent has been designing South Florida gardens for 30 years, and boy has he learned a lot! Gardening is both an art and a science, and he’s certainly done his homework. He’s passionate about plants and nature and loves creating natural habitats that become a sanctuary for birds and butterflies. Nothing gives him greater satisfaction than creating unique gardens for his clients – locating plants that are exotic, rare, yet easy to manage and maintain.

Passionate educator 

Brent is also a passionate teacher and avid organic gardener. He’s created several healing community gardens that have been host to many fun and educational workshops. His teaching style is humorous and simple, yet relevant and highly informative.

Brent Knoll, Landscape Designer
Brent Knoll, Landscape Designer
Brent Knoll, Landscape Designer

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