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Landscape Design: Unveiling your outdoor oasis through our visionary expertise!

Imagine your outdoor space as a canvas awaiting transformation, a blank slate ready to be painted with the strokes of visionary design

Why choose our landscape design services?

  • Visionary masterpieces: Your outdoor space is more than just a garden; it's a testament to your lifestyle and taste. We don't just create landscapes; we breathe life into visions, ensuring a result that transcends ordinary expectations.
  • Expert consultation: We're not just here to listen; we're here to envision. We'll collaborate closely with you to understand your desires, lifestyle, and aspirations, infusing our creative spark to elevate your space to new heights.
  • Year-round beauty: Embrace the allure of a garden that evolves with the seasons. We curate a diverse selection of plants, ensuring your outdoor space is a dynamic masterpiece that captivates year-round.

Our clients trust us not only to turn their dreams into reality but to infuse our expertise and creativity to craft a landscape that exceeds every expectation.

Knoll Landscape Design
Knoll Landscape Design
Knoll Landscape Design

What we offer

1. Visionary site analysis

We meticulously study every aspect of your outdoor space, considering sunlight, soil composition, and existing features to craft a design that transcends the ordinary.

2. Stunning hardscapes

Elevate your space with elegant pathways, inviting patios, and charming walls that seamlessly integrate with the natural surroundings, all envisioned to perfection.

3. Lush plant selection

Our designers curate a palette of plants, flowers, and trees, ensuring a harmonious blend of colors, textures, and fragrances that align with our visionary approach.

4. Artful water features

Experience tranquility with captivating water features, from serene ponds to the soothing sounds of a custom-designed fountain, all envisioned with artistic precision.

Our latest client gardens

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Client Garden: Khalid
Client Garden: Osman
Client Garden: Pena

Imagine the possibilities

Envision a space that goes beyond expectations, where every detail is a manifestation of our visionary expertise. Your outdoor oasis, crafted not just with design but with an artistic vision that sets it apart.

Photography Add-on Package

Photography add-on

Did you know we also offer a photography add-on package? Brent is a keen and experienced photographer, so why not bring your new garden to life inside your home as well as outside! Get in touch to find out more.  

A very talented landscape designer...

Brent is a very talented landscape designer who is creative and responsive to the client. He designs in harmony with the client's vision as well as the environmental needs of the plants.


Knoll Landscape Design
Knoll Landscape Design
Knoll Landscape Design
Knoll Landscape Design

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