What We Do 

A full service landscape design company

Knoll Landscape Design is a full service landscape design company, offering consultation, design, installation, fertilization, and educational opportunities. Creating a new or refurbished landscape can be a daunting task. Hiring a designer can bring clarity, professional direction, inspiration, and ease to the process while eliminating the mystery, endless hours of research, and the headache of doing it yourself.

Your perfect garden in 4 steps... 

1. Consultation

Benefit from over 30 years’ industry experience

Professional advice is just a phone call away. With over 30 years in the design business, we have all the skill it takes to guide you along a straight path to a more pleasing landscape. Rest assured that we’ll listen to your needs and give you the best, most economical recommendation to meet your core desires.

What We Do: Consultation

2. Design 

A collaboration of client and designer expression 

Brent approaches the design process with a careful eye, a knowledgeable mind, and a listening ear. Your personal needs are at the heart of our business. Acting like a coach, we’ll work closely with you to draw out your best vision and desires into the reality of your green space. Whether it’s scent or color, growing food, attracting wildlife, or just simple low maintenance, we’ll bring your gardening dreams to life!

What We Do: Design

3. Installation

We go the extra mile!

Not only do we offer consultation and landscape design, but we’ll deliver and install your garden too! We don’t just dig holes, plant, and go. We understand that healthy plants require balanced, nutrient-rich soil, so we go the extra mile by amending soil where needed, adding organic fertilizers and material, plus anything else your front or back yard might need to assure you a strong and vigorous landscape.

What We Do: Installation

4. Aftercare 

We help you love your plants

Are your plants yellow or dying? Not growing as quickly as they should? It could be their cry for help! Just like people, plants need proper nutrition. We want to help you have a lush and flourishing landscape. We offer both organic and non-organic treatments, depending on your wishes and your landscape’s particular needs. Schedule your fertilization and give your space the green boost it needs!

What We Do: Aftercare

An amazing experience all round...

Brent is knowledgeable, flexible, and reliable. He took the time to meet us, walk through our space, discuss preferences, and put together a proposal. Installation was timely and seamless, and all his suggestions worked fantastically. I LOVE our new garden and I'm beyond happy with how our privacy hedge is  looking. I want to stress that Brent is extremely responsive, someone who truly has your back!


Photography Add-on Package

Photography add-on

Did you know we also offer a photography add-on package? Brent is a keen and experienced photographer, so why not bring your new garden to life inside your home as well as outside! Get in touch to find out more.  

Your garden will be one-of-a-kind...

Brent is fantastic! He understood exactly what I was looking for and took the time to make sure my landscaping turned out exactly the way I envisioned. He's great to work with, has great ideas and he makes sure your garden is one-of-a-kind. His prices are very reasonable and he shows up for appointments on time. He also completed my job in the agreed time frame, as promised. I highly recommend Knoll Landscape Design.


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Landscape Design

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