What is a Zen Garden?

What is a zen garden?

A zen garden provides a space of peaceful serenity where one can find an opportunity for meditation and inward reflection. When the pressures and stresses of the world become great, the best place to 'retreat' can be within.

The state of zen is a state of quiet contemplative stillness and, with the proper placement and careful design, a garden space can facilitate and enhance that state. Through the art of feng shui and the application of the right plants and flowers, Brent can create a tranquil space that, while overflowing with life and vitality, will maintain a reliable tranquility.

How to make a zen garden

Zen gardens are traditionally constructed from rocks and gravel. The Sakuteiki, the oldest known text regarding Japanese gardening, tells that in a place where there's neither a lake nor a stream, one can put in place what is called a karesansui, or dry landscape. The intention behind such a construction is to reflect the essence of nature using various types of rocks as opposed to flora.

The very careful placement of the rocks is essential to the power and purpose of a zen garden space. Large jagged rocks are used to represent cliffs and mountains, while rounded stones and gravel become water and shoreline. This juxtaposition of representation and substance carries with it an important spiritual lesson in the balance of fullness and emptiness.

Want a zen garden of your own?

In Brent's designs, he captures the essence of this tradition while infusing his flair for modern design and his extensive experiential knowledge of beautiful exotic plants. He utilizes rocks, water, trees, and plants to create a magical space for meditative bliss.

If you'd like a zen garden of your own, get in touch to book a consultation with Brent. 


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