How to Turn Your Landscape into a Butterfly Haven

How to turn your landscape into a butterfly haven

South Florida hosts a wide range of exquisite butterfly species. More than a dozen or so types of butterflies can be seen around our area all year. Swallowtails, zebras, fritillaries, and monarchs are just a few of the majestic little garden dwellers that you have the opportunity to encounter in your very own yard. Seeing as there are so many butterflies in our South Florida landscapes, it makes a great deal of sense that there are so many native plants in our area that are butterfly attractors.

Butterflies have a very intimate relationship with plants; they feed on the nectar of flowers and lay their eggs on leaves and stems. Native plants have become markedly dependable for their nourishment and shelter, and so by incorporating more native butterfly plants in our landscape and gardens we'll become an honored host. Plant these host plants and you'll have a thriving butterfly garden in no time. 

Butterflies love milkweed

One of the best plant choices to bring butterflies into your life is milkweed. Butterflies absolutely love milkweed nectar and you'll love how their striking orange, pink, and red flowers liven up your landscape or garden. Milkweed is also relatively inexpensive and, living up to its name, grows very quickly in virtually any soil condition. As a South Florida native, milkweed, in addition to its butterfly attraction, will do wonderful things for your soil and surrounding ecology. Milkweed is an important element in any butterfly garden.

Common Milkweed with Monarch Caterpillar

Common milkweed with monarch caterpillar

Plant a corky stem passion vine

When you attract butterflies to your garden with food they'll come and go, but when you give them a place to lay their eggs, they'll be there all the time! There are many plants in South Florida that are larval plants, however few compare to the corky stem passion vine. The corky stem is a larval plant to zebras, several types of fritillaries, and the iulia butterflies. The corky stem passion vine is also reasonably priced and grows very rapidly. This is an ideal vine for privacy fences. The flowers are not especially striking, however the massive clouds of gorgeous twirling butterflies more than make up for that.

Corky Stem Passion Vine (Passiflora Suberosa)

Corky stem passion vine (Passiflora suberosa)

Go easy on the pest control

A very important consideration for butterfly attraction is to be mindful of any chemicals you might be using in your garden. Butterflies are very fragile creatures. Commercial fertilizers, pesticides, and fungicides are lethal to butterflies and their larva. Brent uses safe, organic means of pest control but even some of his organic methods must be undertaken with great care to preserve the winged beauty of his garden spaces.

Brent uses an organic pest control product that is essentially an organic bacteria. This bacteria has no effect on the plant but it is toxic to caterpillars and other bugs that feed on our fruit and vegetable plants. When Brent is spraying this on his tomatoes, peppers, squash, and other edible plants he must very carefully avoid getting any of it on his butterfly plants. Brent remains vigilant in his application of these agents and, as a true lover of butterflies, takes the greatest of care in keeping them safe and comfortable in his gardens.

Butterfly Gardens

Butterfly haven

Butterflies gone wild!

There are so many bright, vibrant, and beautiful butterfly plants that can be utilized in our area all year long, and Brent knows them all. In Brent's garden, when you're experiencing the breathtaking display of endless swarms of butterflies as far as you can see, it's difficult to imagine at that moment that there could be any butterflies anywhere else. When Brent unleashes his famous 'Butterflies Gone Wild' it surely seems as though every butterfly in South Florida is in eager attendance!

Brent knows butterflies and he knows butterfly plants. Whatever your taste and budget, he can turn your home yard and garden into a favorite destination for butterflies everywhere. Get in touch to start creating your own butterfly haven. 

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