Tropical Landscape Design

tropical landscape design with coco palm agave and ferns
This back yard is the perfect expression of a tropical landscape.


Tropical Landscape Design makes Miami POP!


Imagine your landscape transformed into an exotic vacation destination!  With lush foliage, alluring flowers, and colorful accents, a well-planned and planted tropical landscape will whisk you away to your own personal paradise.  Let’s explore the tantalizing traits of this fantastic design.


tropical landscape design green and lush in Miami
Verdant, dense, and rich, a tropical look allures passersby.


Giant green leaves are the cornerstone of the tropical landscape.

Going green could never be easier than it is in a tropical landscape.  The tropical climate is a natural greenhouse, encouraging the growth of almost any plant!  In nature, tropical climates are often home to dense, towering forests with myriads of under-layers, host to countless forms of life.  Many exotic and ancient gigantic-leaved species thrive and flourish here, like the gorgeous Black Magic Alocasia pictured below.


tropical landscape black magic alocasia Miami Florida
Black Magic Alocasia is a gorgeous tropical impact plant.


Fantastic flowers bring the senses to life.

Another striking aspect of the tropical landscape is it’s beautiful flowering plants. Nothing says romance, luxury, and passion like a flower. Flowers are not only beautiful, but can also bring fantastic fragrance and be a source of nectar for butterflies, hummingbirds, and other wildlife.  The color of the flowers can help set a mood of either calm or excitement, depending on the feel you want in your garden.  Pictured below is the stunning


tropical landscape design New Guinea Trumpet Vine flowers
Flowers are a luxurious addition to a tropical garden.


Exotic accents show friends and family your wild side.

The tropical landscape is a perfect place to showcase wild and exotic flare.  There are so many dramatic and impressive plants which can be used to bring contrast, color, artistry, and liveliness to the garden.  An excellent garden for flamboyant personal expression, the tropical design is a gardener’s play place, a green delight, a secret garden of mystery.


tropical landscape design Miami jade vine
Jade Vine is a fascinating and magical tropical accent.


It’s time to plant your tropical wonderland!

Tropical landscape design is one of Brent’s specialties.  If this garden seems like the perfect fit for you, give him a call for a consultation at 305-496-5155.

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