The art of organic gardens in Miami

Explore the beauty of organic gardens in Miami. Learn how to cultivate lush, sustainable paradises with native plants and eco-friendly practices.

Grow Herbs in Miami

Yes, you can grow herbs in Miami!

Did you know you can grow herbs in Miami, South Florida? It's super easy because, unlike most of America, Miami has a year-long growing season, so we can grow herbs all year long!

The Return of the Victory Garden

The return of the victory garden

We take a look at the victory garden movementĀ of WWI & II, and The Great Depression, and discover why it's making such a big comeback!

What is an Edible Landscape?

What is an edible landscape?

Find out more about edible landscapes. What is an edible landscape? Does installing one mean your whole garden needs to be edible? And what's our approach here at KLD?

Raised Bed Garden: An Edible Paradise

Raised bed garden: An edible paradise

What is a raised bed garden? Find out more about this highly effective method of planting herbs, fruits, and veg in urban or suburban communities and discover an edible paradise!

Heirloom Seeds: Our Natural Legacy

Heirloom seeds: Our natural legacy

What are heirloom seeds, how do they differ from hybrid plants and genetically modified (GMO) plants, and why should we preserve our natural history?