The Art of Modern Landscaping

The art of modern landscaping

Discover the art of modern landscaping in Miami. Embrace minimalist design, technology, and sustainability to transform your outdoor space.

Top 10 Tropical Garden Design Ideas

Top 10 tropical garden design ideas

Check out our top 10 tropical garden design ideas for Miami and South Florida. If you like to garden, South Florida is a tropical garden designer's paradise!

The Return of the Victory Garden

The return of the victory garden

We take a look at the victory garden movement of WWI & II, and The Great Depression, and discover why it's making such a big comeback!

The Healing Garden and The Law of Attraction

The healing garden and the law of attraction

A healing garden is more than a landscape; it's a spiritual oasis that can directly affect what we bring into our lives. Discover how the law of attraction relates to healing gardens.

Raised Bed Garden: An Edible Paradise

Raised bed garden: An edible paradise

What is a raised bed garden? Find out more about this highly effective method of planting herbs, fruits, and veg in urban or suburban communities and discover an edible paradise!