Sacred Sanctuary Design

sacred sanctuary garden design miami south florida
Take pause in the garden.  Catch the breath. Begin again.


Sacred Sanctuary Design ~ going “inside” outdoors.

When it’s time to switch from “doing” to “being”, there’s no better place to make that transition than in the garden.  It asks nothing, offers quiet inspiration, welcomes us without question, coaxes to the surface our best qualities, and silently infuses us with new energy, grounding, and awareness.  As we step into the green womb of nature, we are truly at home, connected to the planet yet under a sky and a cosmos that are seemingly limitless.  There in the garden, we can feel deeply safe and at the same time ponder the infinite and wondrous qualities of life.


sacred sanctuary garden design miami south florida
Many paths, one destination.


“There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the earth.” ~ Rumi

We are here on earth living with the illusion of separation from each other and the cosmos yet offered the truth of oneness and inclusion if we know where to look.  We live on separate land masses with different races, religions, cultures, customs, foods, and habits, and yet we’re all human, all on the globe together, one of infinite numbers of spheres in infinite numbers of galaxies and so on.  No matter our religious preference (if we have any), we’re all looking for the same things like love, peace, compassion, inclusion, understanding, healing, strength, courage, and so on.  Nature and the garden are like the heartbeat of the entire planet, our mother by material fact, our physical parent.  In nature, the virtues we strive for in our thinking hours seem to enter effortlessly as we let go, breathe, and accept.  In the peaceful garden space, separation melts into oneness.  Pain gives way to the pleasures of the senses.  Fear can be transmuted into pure awe.


sacred sanctuary garden landscape design miami south florida
Create your space. Settle in. Reset.


Sacred garden elements remind us of our deepest truths.

Many design aspects can be introduced into your space to inoculate the garden with personal spiritual expression.  Whether a sculpture, water feature, sacred or medicinal plants, geometric designs in plants or stone, labyrinths, meditative sitting areas or benches, or special shapes in woodwork like arbors and trellises, you will find plenty of ways to add features which remind you of your most sacred self, your holiest ideals and understandings, and the bigger spiritual picture of life.  These additions decorate your garden to help enable you to come into the space with a readiness for spiritual reception and open awareness.


sacred sanctuary garden design miami south florida
Nature is our master teacher.


In the garden, all things become clear.

“Believe one who knows: You will find something greater in the woods than in books.  Trees and stones will teach you that which you can never learn from masters.” ~ St. Bernard of Clairvaux

Nearly all of the virtues we seek to acquire and embody, nature communicates flawlessly.  Are you looking for harmony? There it is.  Peace. That one’s easy for nature.  Patience?  Again, easy.  Beauty? Oneness? For forgiveness and moving on, consider how a tree trunk will continue to grow right on around and through nearly anything, reaching toward the sky with only one mission; just to grow and be a tree.  Hmm.  The incredible truth is that if you step into nature and ask a question, look, and listen, you’ll nearly always get a profound reply.  The garden has an energy and a set of lessons all it’s own, and it begs to share it’s wisdom with us.


sacred sanctuary garden landscape design miami south florida
Ready. Set. Connect.


The Sacred Sanctuary awaits your graceful presence…

The garden delights to have us in it, appreciating it’s beauty, partaking in it’s energetic offerings, befriending it.  At Knoll Landscape Design, we believe gardens are much more than ornamental, rather a glorious and vital part of our existence.  We take pride in designing and planting spaces that help our clients to truly connect with the outdoors in a way that is extremely healthy and beneficial to both their well being and the well being of nature herself.  When you are ready to create your spiritual getaway, your divine retreat, your Sacred Sanctuary, give Brent a call at (305)496-5155.

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