From Our Clients

Wow! That’s all my neighbors and friends say after they come see our new yard. Our yard is full of so many goodies that it is an absolute joy to walk people around and make them stick their nose in different flowers and experience the butterfly, hummingbird and tropical garden Brent created for us. We moved onto an amazing property that was overgrown and poorly put together and needed some organization and mystical quality. Although we DIY mostly everything, I am so glad we got Brent in here because there is no way I could have achieved even 10% of the beauty and awesome arrangements that Brent created. At the beginning, Brent did a walk around with us to get a feel for what we were thinking and then a few days later as promised he sent along a vision board type document for us to get a feel for what he recommended. We agreed to 99% of what he offered right aways, and eventually the 1% we agreed to later as we learned to trust Brent. He really knows his stuff and his enthusiasm is infectious!! Brent told us that we would be swarmed with Monarch Butterflies when he was through. Well, he wasn’t lying, the 2nd day there were 3 monarch butterflies and 2 weeks later we counted 52 monarch caterpillars and 10-12 butterflies flying around. We are about to get inundated with butterflies. At night, there is a sweet fragrance throughout the whole yard due to so many sweet flowers he has placed in the yard. He really thinks about how to put the entire installation together to maximize the wow factor. I can’t convey through words the magical vibe that exists in our backyard. Brent kept to his time frame and cleaned up after himself and his crew. He kept us well informed of deliveries, how to prep the areas before install, and the watering protocols after install. We were so happy working with Brent. He became almost part of the family for the two weeks he was working here. I sincerely give Brent the highest recommendation possible and look forward to working with him in the future.

Alan P.

January, 2020

Brent is an absolute pleasure to work with, and he has an amazing eye for great landscape design. He was honest and straightforward and a great problem solver; he did everything on the promised timeline or sooner, and the end result was gorgeous. I can’t wait to work with him again on future projects.

Alison Y.

June, 2020

All I can say is WOW!!!
I was looking for someone to remodel my garden and include raised beds for my veggies and herbs, fruit trees, and a butterfly garden and I was lucky to find Brent. Brent was able to meet all my goals and complete the garden in less then two weeks. Brent is easy to work with, knowledgeable, a great designer, and organic/environment friendly. Brent kept me updated daily with progress or new ideas and was always reachable by email/text/phone. I highly recommend Brent!

Martha K.

December, 2019

I have been dreaming with a butterfly garden for sometime. Brent was willing to work with me, suggest appropriate plants, design,an finish the job. To my surprise, he calls me a few days later to make sure plants are alive, butterflies are coming and I am satisfied. Who does that? Who takes time to care about a job already done and payed for? Only Brent. Highly recommended!!!


December, 2019

I came to Knoll Landscape Design with a large, daunting, high budget project on Star Island for Sean Combs, PDiddy. With changes, delays, and finally a pushed up finish date, Brent and the Knoll team came through! What was designed is a clear zen paradise and will forever be a place of tranquil beauty! Knoll is amazing and I will have them back for more projects in the future!

George M.

January, 2018

We found Knoll Landscape Design online and I was a bit hesitant at the beginning but based on the good reviews we decided to give Brent a call. What a pleasure working with Brent has been!!! He called us back within 24hours of my initial call, showed up on time for all our appointments and understood right away the look we were going for and worked greatly with my budget. Just like other reviewers have said – Brent is extremely knowledgeable and will offer you ideas and options but will also listen to you and address any concerns. He finished the project sooner that he had initially stated and even after the project was finished he kept in touch and was following up on the plants growth and making sure there are no issues. I highly recommend Brent to anyone looking for a professional landscape designer who cares and who does his job in detail and with a great knowledge. Thank you Brent! Hopefully soon we can do the backyard too!!!

Gergana L.

August, 2017

Brent helped me transform my empty landscaping into a tropical paradise. I found him here on Yelp and I called him to set up an estimate. Brent was easy to get a hold of and very easy to talk to. I’ve never met someone so passionate about landscape design and that is exactly what I wanted. He came to my house and listened to my needs and ideas, and then poured his passion into the project. I couldn’t be happier with the results and every week just gets better as they grow in.

Also, Brent took the time to walk me through the yard afterwards to teach me about each type of plant we put in and how to properly care for them. I enjoy maintaining my yard, so I really appreciated this added bonus. He even emailed me a list of recommended fertilizer and watering schedule specific to my landscaping! A++++

Here’s what you can expect:

Honest, reliable, easy to reach, fair (pricing), understanding of client’s needs and budget, passionate, and EXTREMELY knowledgable!

Kristofer K.

February 2016

Brent is super friendly and super professional. He transformed our Miami Beach yard into a vibrant garden, and we couldn’t be happier. He is knowledgeable and full of ideas. He works diligently and in a timely manner. He also connected us with a great landscape maintenance service and an excellent sprinkler company. So we are all set. Thank you, Brent!

Carrie C.

June, 2015

Extremely happy with Knoll Landscape. We knew nothing about Organic Gardening and he really helped us out. They are affordable, fast and efficient but always take time to share their knowledge about local and organic plants, shrubs, trees, flowers and vegetable beds. I am enjoying an awesome Meyer Lemon tree with tons of fruit ! Will never use anyone else.

Lorraine P.

April, 2014

We worked with Brent over the summer to create our tropical oasis over a 9,000 square foot lot. Brent took careful time to meet with us, listen to us, and then curate the perfect landscape. We wanted native, unique and easy to maintain plants and he delivered. Throughout the process, he stayed in constant communication, stayed in budget, and taught us about everything which was planted. Post-planting Brent has helped maintain the garden and give us advice as needed. We can’t wait for our next project with him and strongly recommend Brent for any project.

Lawrence F.

January, 2020

Brent is so much fun to work with. We have worked with Brent several times over the last 10 years and he is a Garden ARTIST! Brent lovingly knows which plants will work best and where. He shows pics and his enthusiasm and passion is infectious.

Raul G.

January, 2019

Brent stopped by for his annual Spring fertilizing of the garden and checkup. He fertilized the garden thoroughly, pruned some plants back and inspected for any insect pests. Garden is looking good and ready for the Summer rains to return.
Brent will be back in 3 months to fertilize again and replace a couple plants he said aren’t doing good. Garden is shooting new shoots and ready for Spring!

Trevor L.

March, 2019

We hired Brent to help us with our backyard remodel. My Husband is an architect & I’m a designer but we were having trouble agreeing on our visions for our yard. In stepped Brent to the rescue! He was able to successfully find the happy medium between what we both wanted. Coming from a construction background I was expecting a full drawing & presentation. I was a bit hesitant when he explained for a small project that is not necessary but we trusted and he was right. He met us several times before we started to discuss types of plants & placement. He made sure to address our family needs for safe plantings (we have a toddler & a dog). He created a colorful ecosystem that now bring butterflies & birds that our daughter enjoys and all the plants are safe for our curious Mini schnauzer. I believe he has a minimum contract cost but he is budget conscious & works with you on your constraints. We would highly recommend Brent Knoll for anyone looking to hire a landscape designer for their home. He is extremely responsive, he always answered our calls, texts, or emails within 24hrs.

Isabel N.

March, 2017

I hired Knoll Landscape Design to not only completely redesign my entire backyard landscaping, but to also add onto and “re-arrange” our front yard landscaping as well.

I had been taking photos of the kinds of landscaping I was drawn to (i.e.: different plants, trees, shrubs as well as the look and feel of an entire property’s tropical design) and knew EXACTLY what I was hoping for. Brent was phenomenal to work with and he was able to take my wishes and make it all come alive. His knowledge of what plants work well in direct sun or indirect sun, as well as what kinds of flowers/plants/trees/shrubs would look really great together was outstanding. He tied in so many of my wishes with things that just made them stand out even more.

Brent was also true to budget. He was timely and efficient. His team of workmen were also timely and great to work with. I would hire him again in a heartbeat and will recommend him to everyone!!!

Carolina M.

March, 2016

Have been using Brent and his company to beautify the yard in a home I recently purchased. Am so happy to have found him! Not only is he smart and knowledgeable about what he’s doing, he’s just an all around great guy and pleasant person to work with. I really feel like he’s got my best interests in mind and will only recommend things he knows will not only look good, but actually grow good in my yard. Highly recommend him and can’t wait to work with him further!

Bridget H.

October, 2015

Brent was very clear about what would be included in the job. He has an extensive knowledge of Florida-compatible plants. He recommended several different plants to consider for our new hedge.
The one we selected we are very pleased with.
The work was done on time as scheduled.
The “super soil” really is a great product; the hedge plants are growing very well.
Recommended as professionals you can rely upon to do a great job.

Paul K.

July, 2014

Brent Knoll is a master of his craft and a true professional. He went above and beyond for us! He is enthusiastic and passionate with continued commitment to quality. Customer service and satisfaction are his priorities. There is no non-sense, he delivers within the time promised.
The trees and plants are premium quality. There is not a week that goes by in Deering Bay without a compliment on our landscape design and plant choices. We are very pleased with the results.
I highly recommend Knoll Landscape Design.

Marilyn S.

December, 2019

I recently had the pleasure of working with Brent of Knoll Landscape and Design. My house is a corner property and was in much need of landscaping in both the front and back yard. I contacted several landscapers and in the end chose Brent. I felt that Brent was very knowledgeable and fun to work with. He asked me many questions and sought my input to ensure that his design would suit my needs. The result of Brent’s work is the transformation of my property into a beautiful setting. I have received many complements from neighbors and visitors of the new look! Brent was very timely in meeting deadlines and also responsive to my inquires. It has been several months since Brent completed the work and he still responds to any of my calls or texts when I have any questions regarding the care of my landscaping. I would highly recommend Brent to work with you in the transformation of your property.

Steven L.

August, 2019

It has been about a year since Brent did my garden and it looks amazing. The plants and flowers really took off after about 3 or 4 months after planting. And he stopped by recently to do a little pruning, fertilizing and spring checkup. He gave A+ grade and I agree. Also all butterflies and occasional hummingbird are fantastic.

Luis M.

March, 2019

The wildlife impact has been enormous. Our garden serves Florida nature without compromising aesthetics: Hummingbirds dart through flowers, butterflies dance through the air, cardinals sing, with buntings, blue jays, woodpeckers, and warblers all visiting the new native plantings for both food and shelter. The backyard is a riot of color and life–and the tranquility all of this brings. We can’t thank Brent enough. We were given a fair price and Brent and his team are friendly professionals who know what they’re doing. Brent is honest and will tell you what’ll work and what won’t. He won’t just sell you a tree. He even comes back every few weeks to check up on the yard. I definitely recommend his company.

Dulce V.

April, 2017

I’m just going to be short and to the point: When you first meet Brent, you get the immediate good vibes coming from him. He is an honest to goodness kind of guy that just simply absolutely loves what he does. He was extremely quick to send a power point presentation with a very detailed plan. His proposal included a “butterfly lane” which sounded really nice but I have the opposite of a green thumb and had no idea of what it would end up looking like. The exact same day that his staff planted the flowers I saw three different kinds of butterflies! It has only been a week since and every single time I’m out on the backyard I’ve seen them all over. My husband and I refer to Brent as the butterfly whisperer! Brent is very approachable, I’ve sent him texts with questions which he has answered almost immediately. I cannot recommend Brent enough to anyone who wants gorgeous landscaping and very professional service. Both my husband and myself are looking forward to working with Brent Knoll for many years to come as we plan to keep on adding his ideas and magic touch with plants.

Marcela O.

July, 2016

Brent Knoll of Knoll Landscape Design did a great job from beginning to end. He learned what our needs were, what we liked, our budget, and the particular character of our front yard space. He’s friendly, very knowledgeable, and easy to talk to. Everything was done fast, beautifully, professionally and all with great communication. We are so happy with our new front yard gardens/landscaping, and strongly recommend Brent and Knoll Landscape Design.

Rita O.

October, 2015

Brent was a pleasure to work with. From the moment my wife and I met him we felt at ease and felt we could trust him completely.
Brent was extremely fast and always delivered what he promised on time, if not earlier. We completed Phase 1 of the front and back garden within 2 weeks from the moment we met him. This included planning, idealization, vision, and execution.
We were happy to have our garden ready for our winter visitors and friends. He also worked with our sprinkler guy to ensure the design and irrigation worked smoothly. He has been following up with us to ensure all the plants we got are working as expected.
He gladly incorporated some of my ideas, and enhanced them to ensure that they were realistic and long lasting. He also gave us great references to perform other small tasks around the garden and home.
We are looking forward to completing Phase 2 with him in the short to mid term!

Tim L.

October, 2014

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