Raised Bed Garden: An Edible Paradise

Raised bed garden: An edible paradise

We regularly install raised bed gardens for our South Florida clients. Why? These types of gardens are a highly effective method of planting herbs, fruits, and vegetables for people and families that live in an urban to suburban community.

What is a raised bed garden?

Raised bed gardens offer great function and flexibility to the urban/suburban gardener in both utility and aesthetics. A raised bed garden is when you build a wooden frame and fill it with organic soil in which you plant your fruits, vegetables, and flowers. By providing an 8 to 10 inch layer of rich composted soil, your fruits, vegetables, and flowers are given the healthiest start to prolific growth. 

Brent makes his own organic super soil which, by the way, is amazing! Clients are often astounded by just how much they get to harvest from their compact garden space. A fertile and well-planted raised bed garden will produce great yields through every growing season, which not only provides you with the most nourishing and delicious high quality produce, but it also saves a fortune in grocery bills.

Raised Bed Garden

What's the ideal location for a raised bed garden?

The raised bed garden is ideal for urban and suburban settings, such as condos, town houses and other homes. The attractive wooden frame contains the rich soil to provide a neat and organized look in almost any location. This is perfect for situations in which more traditional and intensive methods of gardening may appear intrusive to your landlord, or too radical for your neighbors and HOAs. In special situations, Brent builds the raised bed frames from red cedar or other such decorative woods to provide a more glamorous garden when desired.

What can be grown in a raised bed garden?

Despite what some may believe, growing in a raised bed doesn't limit your gardening options. We may think of a raised bed garden as just an overgrown planter box for growing lettuce and herbs. However, Brent has found a way to grow pretty much anything in a raised bed. For example, he uses tipi structures to grow beans, cucumbers, and peas. Brent and his crew have even built custom trellis boxes to really maximize the vertical growing space for those happy climbers. Even tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants are more than happy to grow in a compact raised bed kitchen garden. 

Raised Bed Garden: Veggies!

Raised bed gardening and compost

Although most people have come to know this method as 'raised bed' gardening, there's another common term in the world of permaculture called 'compost bombing.' We tend to think of this method as a way to obtain a neat and discreet gardening solution in a suburban setting. Yet, in the fields of horticultural sustainability and permaculture, compost bombing has been developed as a way to create a fertile and root friendly planting area without tilling the soil.

The essential idea of any 'no-till' gardening technique is to create a healthy layer of fertile topsoil on top of the surface of the ground. This is done to avoid the damage and disruption that takes place when we dig into the ground. If we till the ground, and essentially dig it up, we wreak havoc on the very complex micro-environment that exists in the root layer of the ground. Not only does this create an imbalance and deficiency in the soil, but every time we dig into the ground we're releasing more carbon into the atmosphere. This is just another example of how aesthetics can overlap with ecological integration.

Raised Bed Garden: Compost

Want your own raised bed garden?

If you want a quick and easy garden that'll give you an untold abundance of fresh, delicious, organic food all year then you want a raised bed garden. They're attractive, easy to maintain and even relatively portable. Get in touch for an in-person consultation and order your raised bed garden today!

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