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raised bed garden design boy with organic vegetables miami
This boy’s expression says all there is to say about the joy of growing your own food.


The Raised Bed Garden is the classic approach to growing your own food.

One of the most beloved and enjoyed gardening pastimes is vegetable and herb gardening, and the raised bed garden may be the most easy and common way to partake in this fun and sustainable activity.  With so much buzz about organic gardening, eating healthier, sustainable living, and tight budgets, it’s easy to see why this classic hobby is becoming a vogue cause once more.  Let’s explore the benefits of raised bed gardening.


raised bed garden design organic gardening miami
Raised bed gardens offer many areas of convenience.


Raised bed gardens make planting, harvesting, and quality control easy.

Standard raised bed gardens are made of wood, usually no more than 3-4 feet across, various lengths and heights, and placed so that there are ample walking spaces around each one.  The construction products are economical and last several years depending on the type of wood used.  The short width makes it easy to reach to the middle of the beds to plant, harvest and maintain, and the height can be customized for less bending and stooping.  One huge benefit of raised bed gardening (and any type of container gardening) is the ability to control the soil quality.  Also, the raised and contained nature of the structure is a pretty nice weed deterrent.  Raised bed gardens are deep enough to grow root vegetables, and can have attached/incorporated trellises and tipis for tall, vining plants as well, making them the ultimate compact growing space.  As you can see, the pros are quite extensive when it comes to the beautiful, the classic raised bed garden.


raised bed garden design boy with organic vegetables miami
Growing your own food may be the best gift you can give yourself!


Homegrown food is healthier than store-bought.

Let’s start with the seeds.  No more GMO mystery varieties for you.  You can begin by choosing and buying your own organic, Non-GMO heirloom varieties.  Forget mealy, tasteless tomatoes.  You’ll get veggies that live up to your tastes and ideals.  Next, you’ll choose only the best organic, nutrient-dense soil for those fantastic seeds.  While your plants grow, there’ll be no need for nasty chemical fertilizers and pesticides.  Any situation that arises can be easily handled with a handful of organic and natural solutions.  And when it comes time to harvest, you will get truly ripe produce.  No getting picked early and sprayed with various mystery chemicals to “preserve” them in transit, speed up the “ripening” process, or get them to have a “healthy” color.  They’re fresher, more nutritious, AND studies show that organically grown produce is higher in vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients!  The raised bed garden is an obvious way to begin your trek towards better health and taste!!


raised bed garden design organic vegetables Miami Florida
Growing your own food is empowering and sustainable.


Raised bed gardening makes for a happier YOU and a happier Mother Earth!

A lot of life’s joy and satisfaction comes from knowing “YOU CAN”!  Being capable and in control feels good!  We have only a few core needs, and #1 is food.  What if you could meet a decent portion of that core need while producing a food product that’s far superior and even more economical than what you can buy at the store?  Well, YOU CAN!  Meeting your core needs is liberating.  Additionally, you have the proud feeling of knowing that you’re doing the right thing for our precious planet.  As it is, most of our produce (organic or not) is being shipped over vast distances with the use of fossil fuels.  We all know that’s not the best thing for our environment, and it isn’t sustainable.  The food suffers in transit as well, and has to be picked unripe and often processed in unsavory ways to help it make the trip.  We can get better nutrition right from our back yards AND “do the right thing” at the same time.  It’s a win-win.


raised bed garden design organic vegetables and herbs Miami
Brent is a veggie whisperer!


The time is NOW for Miami and South Florida to go local and organic!

Living in South Florida is a gift when it comes to having a raised bed garden, because we can grow all year round here!  Get your beds installed, and put them to work for you, your family, and friends.  Call Brent for a consultation at (305)496-5155.

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