Appreciating the Power of Plants

Appreciating the power of plants

Like many things in life, we don’t always see the forest for the trees, and losing appreciation for the plant life around us just happens. We may begin to see our living landscapes as just utilitarian, aesthetic, or even invasive. While our attitudes may vary, the plant life around us still represents one of the most vital parts of our survival. This is the power of plants.

Plants give us life

Like all of the natural world, plants are here to give us life. The power of plants is amazing. We eat them, eat the things that eat them, and when we pass on, they recycle our own remains, repeating the process again and again. We are, in fact, a true product of the landscape of our planet. With such an undeniably intimate relationship, it would be hard to believe that the indigenous wisdom and humble offerings of the plant kingdom could not be totally vital to life!

Breathe deeply… in… out… Ahhh, the sweet feeling of vitality rushing through your veins. Just the simple act of breathing thick, oxygen-rich air is enough to make us say, “THANK YOU, PLANTS!” Once again, the basic throb of the Earth’s heart is 'heard' from the plants, pumping oxygen into the air to fuel our own bodies. Even in the involuntary act of breathing, we're partaking in the fruits of the plant world. Wow!

Plants give us so much more

And the plants just keep giving. There’s really no end to the things our foliated friends do for us:

  • They blanket our surroundings with the fresh, clear, healing color of green.  
  • They provide medicine and offer up their wisdom to science to help humanity create myriads of healing modalities.  
  • They provide protection from the elements, building and industrial materials, food, and shelter.  
  • Their forests, open plains, and deserts evoke emotions and fuel spiritual growth with the quiet lessons they whisper.  
  • They surround us with natural art; dramatic, colorful, subtle, intricate, and mesmerizing. 
  • And scent… Fresh cut grass, an open rose warmed lightly in the midmorning sun, or crushed lemongrass…  

If you stop for a minute and think of all the things plants GIVE to us, you can’t help but hear them all whispering, “I love you. I’m here for you.” 

A new perspective on the power of plants

So, perhaps not seeing the whole forest, but just seeing a single tree, can be a great thing. The next time you look at an ordinary tree or bush, or walk across your lawn, take a moment to realize the impact of that green space. What feeds there, rests there, takes shade or cover, or raises its young there?  

If we can realize the impact of the presence of each plant around us, we might just see the world through completely new eyes.

Thank you, Universe. I bow to the power of plants.

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