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Client Garden: Khalid

Tropical lushness in Pinecrest (Khalid)

The Khalids wanted to create a colorful garden full of tropical lushness that adds depth to the property and increases the property value.

Passionate and extremely knowledgeable...

Brent helped me transform my empty landscaping into a tropical paradise. I’ve never met someone so passionate about landscape design. He listened to my ideas and then poured his passion into the project. I couldn’t be happier with the results and every week just gets better. Brent took the time to walk me through the yard to teach me about each type of plant and how to properly care for them and I really appreciated this added bonus. Here’s what you can expect: Honest, reliable, easy to reach, fair pricing, understanding of client’s needs and budget, passionate, and EXTREMELY knowledgable!


Types of gardens

These are the most common garden styles we create for our clients 

Tropical Gardens

Tropical Gardens

Imagine your garden transformed into your own exotic vacation destination. Show off your wild side with lush foliage, alluring flowers, and colorful accents in your own personal paradise. Visit our Tropical Gardens page to learn more. 

Mediterranean Garden Design

Mediterranean Gardens

With refined sophistication, this garden is always ready to impress. Think spiral topiaries, shapely hedges, regal sculptures, striking fountains, and year-round evergreens. Read Mediterranean garden design: Timeless elegance to learn more. 

Raised Beds

Raised Bed Gardens

Join the buzz of organic gardening, healthy eating, and sustainable living with the classic approach to growing your own herbs and vegetables that's gaining popularity. Visit our Designer Raised Garden Beds page to learn more.

Healing Gardens

Healing Gardens

Nature offers us so much healing and this garden design emphasizes the intimate relationship between mankind and nature. Embrace your natural roots to overcome imbalances. Read Healing gardens: Embracing our natural roots to learn more. 

Butterfly Gardens

Butterfly Hummingbird Havens

Butterflies and hummingbirds are wonderful ways to decorate your garden, dress its edges, and attract the eyes of passersby. They make us smile and remind us life is beautiful. Read 3 ways butterfly gardens can boost your wellbeing.

Certified Wildlife Habitats

Certified Wildlife Habitats

Protected and endangered species of flora and fauna need our help. Certified wildlife habitats restore homeostasis and create wonder. Read Certified wildlife habitats: How to give back to nature to find out more.

Bamboo Gardens

Bamboo Retreats

In our South Florida tropical climate, we’re given the gift of one of the most fantastic and unique privacy hedges to be found worldwide: bamboo. Read Bamboo gardens: Creating the ultimate privacy hedge to find out more. 

Rose Gardens

Rose Gardens

Did you know that roses are well suited to the Miami climate? Rose gardens provide timeless beauty, fragrance, and elegance in your own floral paradise. Read Yes, heirloom rose gardens can thrive in Miami! to learn more.

Agave Gardens

Agave Gardens

Agave is elegant, exotic, super easy to maintain and thrives in South Florida. Paired with ornamental stone, agave gardens are ideal for curb appeal and look great 365 days of the year! Check out this garden of the month agave garden.  

Latest client gardens

The wildlife impact has been enormous...

Our new garden serves Florida nature without compromising aesthetics: hummingbirds dart through flowers, butterflies dance through the air, cardinals sing, with buntings, blue jays, woodpeckers, and warblers all visiting the new native plantings for both food and shelter. Our backyard is a riot of color and life, and the tranquility all of this brings. We can’t thank Brent enough. He's honest and will tell you what’ll work and what won’t. He even comes back every few weeks to check up on the yard. I definitely recommend his company.


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