Mediterranean Landscape Design

Mediterranean landscape Miami flame vine on birdcage with statue
A Mediterranean landscape is a formal and elegant delight.


Mediterranean landscape design brings form and enchantment.

Are you looking for a sophisticated and refined way to express yourself through your landscape?  Look no further than Mediterranean design.  With perfectly groomed spiral topiaries, shapely hedges, regal sculptures, striking fountains, and the iconic year round evergreen overtone, you have a garden design that is always ready to impress it’s guests.  Let’s take a look at what makes this design so special.


mediterranean garden design miami with sculpted hedges and brick path
Shapely hedges offer formal whimsy to the viewer.


Classic, Old World artistic design captures the essence of sculpture.

Mediterranean landscape design draws straight from the heart of European culture.  From an area of the world known for great artists, timeless architecture, and rich history, springs this appropriately named design.  Smooth curves and finishes, impressive contrast, and a changeless look characterize this landscape.  Sculpture is of prime importance.  Whether seen in the well-groomed hedges and topiaries or the garden accessories and statues, it’s an obvious priority.  Consider the interesting hedges and perfectly contrasting statue in the pictures above and the symmetrically positioned statues and spiral topiaries below.


Mediterranean landscape design Miami with beautiful statues poolside
Spiral topiaries and stoic statues convey the Old World feel.


A timeless, changeless look gives an eternal feel to the garden.

Mediterranean landscapes are often heavily planted with evergreen trees and shrubs for their sculptable qualities.   An added impressive quality of these plants is that they add a constistant deep green color to the landscape, one which never really varies.  Combine the evergreens with stone, statues, and Old World flare, and you have the makings of an ageless garden, capturing in time the beauty and elegance of days gone by.  This garden is truly special in a modern age of constant change and fast paced everyday living.  To step into this garden is an invitation to slow down, consider life’s enduring qualities, the cultured, the polished, the refined…


Mediterranean landscape design Miami with Grecian statue birdbath
A Mediterranean landscape is an invitation to enjoy the best of life.


Grab a glass of red wine, and enjoy one of the finest garden design gifts.

Imagine the classical music carrying across the garden, entertaining guests, fine food, and fantastic conversations.  The Mediterranean Landscape Design is especially artistic and unique.  If you’re ready for your Old World getaway, give Brent a call to schedule a consultation at 305-496-5155.

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