10 Landscape Ideas for Your South Florida Front Yard

11 landscape ideas for your South Florida front yard

Living in Miami or South Florida, we're lucky to have one of the best climates year-round. There are so many different styles we could adopt in our front and backyards; the choice is almost endless! Read on to discover 11 landscape ideas to transform your yard into a South Florida oasis.

1. Mediterranean garden

Meandering brick paths accented with juniper, topiary balls, Italian cypress and Greek statues. See more of this Mediterranean masterpiece

Landscape Ideas: Mediterranean Garden

2. Tropical paradise

Beautiful fuchsia-colored bougainvillea, foxtail palms and decorative pots atop keystone columns.

Landscape Ideas: Tropical Landscape Design

3. Guardian cats

Pellaea ferns line this brick walkway along with walking iris, imperialis bromeliads, and black bamboo.

Landscape Ideas: Tropical Garden

4. Exotic waterfall

Exotic flowering plants like giant shrimp, congo roho, and water ferns flank this gorgeous waterfall. See more of this tropical garden

Landscape Ideas: Exotic Waterfall

5. Eclectic and colorful

Firey crotons, flaming bromeliads, and cairn markers spark interest at this South Florida home.

Landscape Ideas: Eclectic and Colorful

6. Incredibly edible

Tropical bamboo and butterfly flora surround these raised bed gardens.

Landscape Ideas: Incredibly Edible

7. French formal with sensual curves

Sculpted paisley hedges of ilex and gold mound, mondo grass, and Japanese blueberry.

Landscape Ideas: French Formal Garden

8. Bamboo garden

Baby blue bamboo with pink Belinda's dream roses, purple ruellia, and red pentas.

Landscape Ideas: Bamboo Garden

9. Tropical joy

Joy perfume tree, black bamboo, podocarpus hedge, and gold mound. See more of this tropical bamboo paradise

Landscape Ideas: Tropical Joy

10. Sanctuary garden

Exotic black and blue bamboo with pinwheel jasmine, fragrant stemmadenia trees, and gold mound.

Landscape Ideas: Sanctuary Garden

11. Hummingbird and butterfly haven

Orange chrysanthis, bean pole tipi, red and pink pentas.

Landscape Ideas: Beautiful Butterfly Garden

Need help organizing your landscape ideas?

We don't always have the right ideas to beautify our properties and, if we do, sometimes we're not sure how to organize them. Brent has been beautifying Miami for over 20 years. Why not get in touch to schedule a professional one-on-one consultation and get the beautiful landscape design you've always wanted. 

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