The Healing Garden and The Law of Attraction

The healing garden and the law of attraction

A healing garden is more than a landscape; it's a spiritual oasis that can directly affect what we bring into our lives. Our own healing garden is the anchor to our truth of who we are and what we want to feel. It's the highest guru and has the power to reshape the essence of our human experience.

The importance of solitude

As much as we enjoy socializing and spending time in community, we really need to value and honor our need for solitude and personal space. When we go out into the world, we consciously and unconsciously interact with so many different energies that can alter our mood and affect our thought patterns.

Sometimes, among all the various energies, we can become confused and mistake what we're feeling for the energies of others around us. This confusion is more common than we realize and if we don't allow ourselves to take time in solitude amongst our own sacred space, we can lose touch with the personal essence that brings us our peace of mind.

Healing Garden Design

An energetic sanctuary

A healing garden provides an ideal energetic sanctuary for us to relax and contemplate what really matters in our lives. Within the boundaries of a healing garden we can sort through our thoughts and feelings while being supported by the pure nourishing energies of the living plants all around us.

Those plants and their natural energies provide an energetic reference with which we can calibrate our own energy field and identify any discordant energies that we may have picked up out in the world. The more time we spend in our healing garden space, and the more familiar we become with the pure energies of nature, serenity, and life; the easier it will be for us to move towards that type of energy wherever we are.

The law of attraction

Consider, in this context, the law of attraction. The energetic vibration that you're projecting attracts thoughts, feelings, people, and objects that match or resonate with that vibration. When we're feeling angry, tense, hopeless, or depressed, our vibration is very low and so we attract unproductive and unharmonious situations.

When we're feeling joyful, positive, relaxed, and grateful, our vibration is very high and we attract situations that are beneficial, serendipitous, and fruitful. That being said, it's wisest to always keep your vibration high, but of course this is much easier said than done!

Healing Garden Design

Erratic energy patterns

No matter how much time we spend in contemplation, practicing relaxation, or in meditation, we still don't have control over the vibrations and energies that are brought into our field of experience by those around us. The people we encounter in our lives have unpredictable moods and vibrations that, despite how much we may care for them, affect the way we feel and therefore what we attract into our lives. Friends, family, and strangers alike embody inconsistent and erratic energetic patterns that can make it difficult for us to remain grounded in our experience of peaceful consciousness.

Attracting abundance and joy

On the other hand, the plants, flowers, butterflies, bees, trees, and all beautiful life in our healing garden embodies a steady and reliable vibration of graceful vitality and joyful abundance. The more time we spend in that presence, the more we'll align our own energetic vibration with it. As we begin to identify more and more with the energy of the healing garden, it becomes easier and easier to maintain that vibration out in the world.

As this vibration becomes an effortless constant projection, we'll begin to attract circumstances into our lives that reflect the abundance, prosperity, vitality, and joy of the healing garden energies. You'll invariably discover that the new people and opportunities that come into your life are also embodying this very high vibration of prosperous joy and abundance.

Healing Gardens: Attracting Butterflies

The power to heal yourself

Building a healing garden is, in itself, an energetic declaration of personal reformation. When you take the time and effort to build this sanctuary for yourself, you're putting the universe on notice that you're ready and able to be filled with lively joy and abundance.

You're taking responsibility for yourself in a way that's energetically, ecologically, and economically sustainable. You're opening yourself up to a sacred healing partnership with the Earth and accepting the grace and providence of nature. When you identify with the high vibration of the healing garden, you're beginning to realize that, like the Earth, you have all the power to heal, and to provide safe energetic space for yourself and others.

Healing Garden: Brent Knoll

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