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healing garden design miami florida
“Look deep, deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” ~ Albert Einstein


Healing Garden Design emphasizes the bond between mankind and nature.

The healing garden design concept is based on the intimate relationship between nature and us.  Our bodies are truly a material product of nature, composed of her elements, coming from and returning to her in the cycle of life.  In between the events of birth and death, each one of us will experience times of illness and imbalance, which can be greatly remedied and overcome by embracing our natural “roots”.  Nature offers us so much by way of healing.  Let’s explore some of her best attributes as they relate to the garden.


healing garden landscape design flowers miami florida
Healing garden elements relieve stress by design.


The chronic stress/illness connection: Nature to the rescue.

While some acute stress actually boosts immunity and strengthens us, studies show that chronic or prolonged stressful situations lead to disease.  We can’t hope to eliminate all of the stress in our lives, so the next best step is to learn to cope by developing habits which curb and counter the effects of stress.

Whether a job, stressful lifestyle, injury, chronic illness, or any other constant pressure is in our lives, it’s up to us to find ways to bring relief on a daily basis.  Practices like yoga, massage, meditation, taking time off work or away from home, spending time with loved ones, and spending time in nature all have one goal in common, that is to strengthen and restore our feelings of awareness and connection to ourselves, each other, and our environment.  That awareness and connection is our gateway to healing.  The Healing Garden takes up the environmental and personal parts of this endeavor in many ways.  In natural areas like gardens, we are able to explore our senses, breathe oxygen-rich air, stretch our bodies, grow life-restoring foods and medicinal plants, and many other stress-relieving activities.  The garden is also a great place to partake in our other stress-reducing pastimes like yoga, prayer, and meditation, doubling up on the healing!


healing garden landscape design miami south florida
Plants heal us through food and medicine.


“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” ~ Hippocrates

Whether we’re talking about natural remedies, foods for healing, or even modern prescription drugs, most of our medicine comes from plants.  Plants provide us with powerful nutrients, phytonutrients, and chemical compounds which can be used to heal us mind, body, and soul.  Whether you wish to have first aid, symptom relief, alternative sweeteners, or a nutritional boost, plants are there for you.  Planting fruits, vegetables, herbs, and medicinal plants is a very powerful part of healing garden design.


healing garden landscape design miami south florida
The healing garden is a sanctuary to indulge the senses.


 Our senses have the ability to capture our awareness, pulling us into the present moment.

Have you ever caught a familiar scent on the breeze that took you back to childhood or some perfect nostalgic moment from the past?  Our senses are powerful healing modalities, capable of grabbing our thoughts wherever they are and pulling them into the now.  The healing garden is a place for the senses to play, come alive, remember, and discover.  When we’re in the present moment, everything holds beauty, and we realize how fortunate (at least in that moment) we really are.  Through sight, sound, touch, scent, and taste, we can explore our natural environment, find our center, restore our peace, and put life and priorities into perspective.


healing garden landscape design miami south florida
All of nature smiles and whispers, “Welcome Home.”


Retreat at home into your own healing garden.

There are so many facets to the healing garden that we can hardly cover them all here, but we hope you have a feel for the benefits of a restorative and grounding green space.  You’ll notice that our healing garden design description is quite open to interpretation, which is exactly as it should be.  Each of us has specific needs when it comes to what we need for healing, rejuvenation, and stress management.  These gardens are perhaps the most intimate and personal of spaces.  Brent is passionate about healing garden spaces, and would love to talk one on one with you to help you create an environment that provides you with feelings of safety, vitality, and belonging.  When you’re ready, give Brent a call to chat at 305-496-5155.

For more information including links to studies regarding the health promoting effects of connecting with nature, click here.

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