What is an Edible Landscape?

What is an edible landscape?

Put simply, an edible landscape is any garden area that contains fruits, vegetables, flowers, herbs, seeds, berries, and other plants you can eat. As a design concept, edible landscaping is more than simply planting a vegetable garden. It's about integrating different types of plants and landscaping features to create a beautiful garden all year round, whether it's harvest time or not.  

A marriage of beauty and practicality

l carefully design my edible landscapes so they can be enjoyed like any other ornamental garden, with added emphasis on the healthful properties of fresh, living foods. Every garden project is unique and takes on its own life in a marriage of beauty and practicality.

Creating an edible landscape doesn’t mean your whole garden needs to be edible. In fact, nature is so bountiful that filling a yard with edibles yields way too much food for most families, not to mention the time and work required. Instead, careful planning and the thoughtful planting of fruits, herbs, and vegetables results in a garden that pleases the eye, body, and soul. 

Edible Landscapes

Our approach to edible landscapes

I might incorporate fruits, vegetables, and herbs into an existing space. Or I might make adjustments to minimize some beautiful but otherwise unproductive plant material, in order to attract birds and butterflies, to adjust sunlight, or to create a pleasant ambience where healing can take place.  

In today’s hard-driven world that puts so much emphasis on work and commercial productivity, few of us have the time or energy to cultivate the habits that keep us healthy. Most people are surprised to discover just how therapeutic it is to enjoy nature in their own garden, even for a few minutes a day.  

Edible Landscapes

Want an edible landscape of your own?

By thoughtfully arranging the landscape and adding architectural details like benches, fountains, footpaths, and bridges, I can help to create a soothing atmosphere in which you can celebrate life with family and friends.

Get in touch to book a consultation and turn your garden into a beautiful edible landscape.

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