Edible Forest Landscape

Edible Forest Landscape mysore raspberry growing in organic garden
Delicious Mysore Raspberries are an edible forest delight.


The Edible Forest is a place of tantalizingly tasty wonder.

What if we told you, you could have an aesthetically gorgeous garden, full of blooms and butterflies, overflowing with mouthwatering edibles,  and alive with scent, color, and natural beauty?  What if you could save money on your grocery bill while supplying your family and friends with local organic produce?  That’s what the edible forest is all about.  We take sometimes costly and often poorly utilized lawns and turn them into mini Gardens of Eden, spaces which give back more than they take, revitalize your health, and help to connect you to one of the most important human needs.  These gardens are sustainable, empowering, and (of course) so tasty.  Let’s explore the many benefits of the edible forest.


edible forest landscape Miami organic banana clump garden design
Growing your own food is about as sustainable as it gets.


Get sustainable and green by growing your own food!

There’s so much buzz about social, economic, and environmental sustainability  these days, and growing your own food is like knocking all three out of the park.  Whether taking control of your health and happiness by eating fresh, local, organic produce, saving money by eliminating the need to have your food shipped halfway around the world, or saving the planet by cutting down on fossil fuel usage and toxic food production methods, you are surely doing the right thing!  There is a wealth of info available on the benefits of growing your own food, topics and discussions that go way beyond even the crucial and poignant subject of sustainability.  Considering planting an edible forest is not just a beautification of your space, but a vote for a better future as well.


edible forest landscape design woman with organic cabbage miami
Growing your own food is fun and empowering!


What’s more empowering than providing for your own basic needs?

We have only a few core needs in life: food, water, shelter, and clothing.  We rely so much on our bank account and products shipped from around the world to supply these needs.  What if we could meet some of those needs for ourselves at home?  We can!  Plant an edible forest!  According to one source, you can grow  1,330 lbs. of produce on 1/8 acre of land per year!  That’s a little over 3.5 lbs of food per day for an average small home plot!  That number may be even higher in the tropical climate of South Florida where food can be grown year round, AND that number doesn’t really take into account the use of vertical space.  WOW!  The liberated feeling that comes with taking your own life and health into your hands by growing your own food is second to none.  It’s an experience that can be best understood in the doing.


edible forest landscape design lemons on tree Miami
Homegrown food has a long list of superior qualities to store bought.


Food grown at home is better for you!

Research shows that organically grown produce is higher in vitamin, mineral, and phytonutrient content.  It’s also much healthier by what it doesn’t have, namely loads of toxic chemicals.  Fresh local produce is also more nutrient dense because it’s picked more ripe and eaten more quickly.  Having the ability to choose heirloom varieties also allows us to have more robust taste, better texture, and other qualities right from the jump.  There’s so much satisfaction in knowing that you are growing and producing only the very best and finest food for you, your family, and your guests.  Why would you settle for less?


edible forest landscape design carrots and cauliflower organic miami
Ready, set, grow!


Get ready to grow only the best!

Edible gardens are our pet project passion , here at Knoll Landscape Design, and the Edible Forest Landscape is the “big picture” organic garden.  Knowing the deep enduring value of supplying one of our most core needs, helping our neighbors to be more sustainable, and watching the joy on our clients faces as they reap the rewards of the harvest is a lot of great motivation.  We want to help you plant YOUR Garden of Eden.  When you’re ready for a consultation and design, give Brent a call at 305-496-5155.

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