The brief

Jesus and Lia Pena were after a tropical bamboo garden with an exotic flower infusion. Longevity of plant material and ease of maintenance were important to them. 

Our solution

Privacy was achieved by adding podocarpus hedges and stemmadenia trees, which are wonderfully scented. We also planted the legendary joy perfume tree which, in my opinion, has the best fragrance of any flowering tree. We also added fragrant gardenia and jasmine bushes throughout the property. 

Florida hydrangea was planted to increase the hummingbird population. We used five types of bamboo, including D minor, black lako, black atro and textilis. We added a small herb garden in the back for fresh yearly herbs and laid fresh lawn grass. The timing for this project was two weeks, but it only took us ten days.

The client's reaction

The clients were thrilled during our walkthrough, especially as we saw three hummingbirds in the garden, along with a variety of butterflies. The air was also sweetly scented from the jasmine. Maintenance was discussed during the walkthrough and I stayed on for a year to fertilize and help steward their garden. 

Client Garden: Scaglione
Client Garden: Pena
Client Garden: Scaglione
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