The brief

Alyson Osman wanted us to infuse colorful tropical material into their existing landscape. The plant material should be easy to manage, long lasting and within their stated budget. They made a point to say how important it was for me to stay on to fertilize and inspect the garden quarterly. 

Our solution

We infused easy to manage, colorful, tropical plants into their existing landscape. We installed colorful agave in the front with a bed of mondo grass. We infused colorful orange heliconia into the front garden landscape. 

We also installed angelwing begonias, Bahama coffee, fountain grass and Congo roho into the existing landscape. Finally, we attached orchids to the trees and palms.

The client's reaction

The client was quite happy with the results and thrilled to have me stay on board for fertilizing checkups. 

Client Garden: Osman
Client Garden: Osman
Client Garden: Osman
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