Certified Wildlife Habitat Design

certified wildlife habitat landscape design miami
Restoring the balance of life to your yard is a gift you give to yourself.


Certified wildlife habitats restore homeostasis and create wonder.

You can’t turn anywhere these days without hearing about habitat loss and decline for many creatures both great and small.  Protected and endangered species of both flora and fauna need our help!  Our great industrial age of progress has come at a cost; loss of natural life and biodiversity.  The result is a dulling down of the hum of nature and the a lack of presence of wildlife around us, which just makes the world a less beautiful and less interesting place.  But each one of us has the power to help.


certified wildlife habitat landscape design miami south florida
Preserving nature and wildlife is preserving ourselves.


Restoring wildlife habitat is as easy as 1,2,3,4!

The National Wildlife Federation has made it easy for us to help you get going with their Certification Process! 4 easy steps take you from blah… to ooo ahhh!!! Certified Wildlife Habitat Step 1:  Provide Food for Wildlife.  All the little guys need our help.  By planting herbaceous flowering plants, shrubs, and trees, you can provide leaves, nectar, pollen, berries, seeds, and nuts for everyone!  Bird feeders and other food sources can also be added, but focusing on the green native landscape is the best, most holistic way to feed the masses!


certified wildlife habitat landscape design miami south florida
Water is an essential element for all life on earth.


“Water is the driving force of all nature.” ~ Leonardo da Vinci

Certified Wildlife Habitat Step 2:  Supply Water for Wildlife.  All of life depends on water.  Wildlife need it for bathing, drinking, and reproduction.  Creating a natural water feature is a fun part of landscape design, whether a simple bird bath, puddling area for butterflies, small pond, or rain garden.  Bringing back water sources is absolutely essential for the health of the natural world around us.  Imagine the fun of watching playful birds splashing in your back yard or the serenity and meditative quality of a koi pond full of brilliant fish and bright lilies.


certified wildlife habitat landscape design miami south florida
Everyone needs a home suited just for them.


Create a sense of safety and sanctuary for your outdoor roommates.

Certified Wildlife Habitat Step 3:  Create Cover for Wildlife.  Just like us, wild creatures need to be able to take shelter in order to feel safe.  Inside our homes, it’s easy, but in an empty yard with nothing but grass, our furry and creeping friends have no where to hide from people, predators, or bad weather.  Planting native vegetation like shrubs and thickets or evening creating rock habitats like the one pictured above will not only add interest, beauty, and artistic value but will give your wildlife a sense of safety and retreat.


certified wildlife habitat landscape design miami south florida
We all need safe homes to raise our young.


If you’re a parent, you understand the power of the nesting instinct.

Certified Wildlife Habitat Step 4:  Give Wildlife a Place to Raise Their Young.  Any of you who have raised kids or maybe even a puppy or a kitten know how excited you are to prepare the perfect place for your new baby.  Everything has to be clean, soft, and mostly SAFE.  As parents, our wild friends are just as devoted as we are, and when the time approaches, they search high and low for the perfect spot to raise their young.  Many vegetative and other areas intended for cover double as places to raise young, whether flowering larval plants for butterflies, rock crevices for reptiles, or shrubs and trees for various species of birds.  Creating happy nesting grounds will assure you continued wildlife presence in your area.


certified wildlife habitat landscape design miami south florida
Certified in caring for the environment.


Design and plant your space, and get certified!

Once we have helped you bring these elements into your space, we’ll help you get your certification!  It’s just a fun way to not only acknowledge your amazing efforts in looking after the precious wildlife around you, but also a great example for friends, family, and neighbors.  When they see your Certified Wildlife Habitat sign, they’ll stop and think.  Maybe they’ll want to create one too.  And that will be because of you.

We’re ready to help you get environmentally friendly with your wildlife!  Call Brent to discuss  at 305-496-5155.

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