Tobacco hornworm on devil’s trumpet

Garden bugs exposed: Exploring their vital role

Explore the diverse world of garden bugs in Miami and uncover their crucial role in maintaining a vibrant ecosystem. Learn how to attract beneficial insects and keep your garden thriving.

Hummingbird Gardens

The magic of hummingbird gardens in Miami

Transform your Miami garden into a hummingbird haven with vibrant blooms and native plants. Explore expert tips for creating a vibrant oasis that attracts these delightful creatures to your backyard paradise.

Healing Gardens

Healing gardens: Embracing our natural roots

Explore the power of healing gardens in Miami, where nature intertwines with wellbeing. Design your sanctuary with native plants for a tranquil escape in the heart of Florida's vibrant climate.

Appreciating the Power of Plants

Appreciating the power of plants

The plant life around us represents one of the most vital parts of our survival. Here are the reasons why I humbly bow to the power of plants.