The Art of Modern Landscaping

The art of modern landscaping

Discover the art of modern landscaping in Miami. Embrace minimalist design, technology, and sustainability to transform your outdoor space.

Mediterranean Garden Design

Mediterranean garden design: Timeless elegance

Explore the enchanting world of Mediterranean garden design, blending elegance and lush greenery. Discover how this timeless style thrives in the vibrant climate of Miami and throughout Florida.

Top 10 Tropical Garden Design Ideas

Top 10 tropical garden design ideas

Check out our top 10 tropical garden design ideas for Miami and South Florida. If you like to garden, South Florida is a tropical garden designer's paradise!

What is a Zen Garden?

What is a zen garden?

A zen garden provides a space of peaceful serenity, of meditation and inward reflection. Discover why zen gardens provide the perfect setting to retreat within.

The Healing Garden and The Law of Attraction

The healing garden and the law of attraction

A healing garden is more than a landscape; it's a spiritual oasis that can directly affect what we bring into our lives. Discover how the law of attraction relates to healing gardens.