Butterfly Hummingbird Haven

butterfly hummingbird garden design miami south florida
“Butterflies are not insects.  They are self propelled flowers.” ~ Robert A. Heinlein


Butterfly hummingbird gardens are like icing on a landscape design cake.

We work hard to create landscape designs that are visually stunning and have all the curb appeal needed to increase real estate value, but what is the garden at the end of the day if it isn’t a place to invite guests?  While we can’t have friends and family over all of the time, there are certain other garden guests we can invite which once invited will decorate the garden all the more, dressing it’s edges and attracting the eyes of all passersby.  Who are we talking about?  Butterflies and hummingbirds, or course!  What better friends to grace the garden, to make us smile, and to remind us that life is simply beautiful?


butterfly hummingbird garden design miami south florida
The great and noble Monarchs need our help.


Becoming an environmentalist was never such a delightful job.

We at Knoll Landscape Design want to pull on your heart strings a little.  There has been a lot of news lately about the sharp decline of Monarch butterflies, less and less making their famous journey from the US to Mexico each year.  The culprit?  Habitat decline.  Monarchs depend on an understated little flowering plant called milkweed to raise their young.  Much of the native/wild milkweed has been lost to widespread herbicide use by industrial agriculture, and there just isn’t enough being planted to keep up the numbers.  These absolutely gorgeous and perhaps the most iconic of all butterflies truly need our help.  Our butterfly hummingbird gardens always include generous amounts of milkweed in order to help them out.  Please realize that by planting a butterfly sanctuary, you may be helping to save this delightful species from becoming endangered or worse.


butterfly hummingbird garden design miami south florida
A hummingbird nectars on red salvia.


Hummingbirds are the most fascinating flyers around.

There is no other bird quite like the delightful hummingbird.  Their delicate size, the whir of their tiny wings in helicopter-like flight, their charming peek-a-boo behavior, and the undeniably adorable fact that they (like the beautiful butterfly) drink the nectar of flowers.  What a lovable and charming creature they are.  In Miami and South Florida, we are blessed to be home to these fun and frisky birds during our winter months, and attracting these guys is easy with the right plants!  Creating a butterfly hummingbird haven will pay off when you welcome these happy hummers into your home.


butterfly hummingbird garden design miami south florida
Butterflies are living art, with tiny paintings on canvas wings.


Butterfly hummingbird gardens are an easy way to help kids learn about nature.

No one has to be coaxed into a garden like this one.  Once a brilliantly colored butterfly or buzzing hummingbird is detected, little feet come running to investigate.  Children will follow a butterfly almost anywhere!  Naturally curious, kids will find themselves engrossed in other details of the garden as well, like patterns on leaves, various flowers, berries, insects, and even the soil.  They quickly become naturalists, led into study by the beautiful hovering and humming teachers surrounding them.  So many life lessons can be taught by nature with hardly a word from us.  Joining our children in the garden can lead to incredibly profound teaching moments where even the adults will learn new things.  Creating a garden for a child opens up the joy of being in nature, the health that comes from outdoor activity, and budding feelings of environmental awareness.  It’s a gift of a lifetime, and nothing but pure joy to be shared by everyone.


butterfly hummingbird garden design miami south florida
Bring the joy of life back into your garden space.


Get ready for excitement and action!

Nature is so many things; majestic, captivating, vast, and mysterious.  The Butterfly Hummingbird Haven brings qualities like fun, playful energy, sensory exploration, and more into your garden space.  Miami and South Florida is home to SO many species of butterflies and several types of hummingbirds!  Let us help you bring fascination, beauty, and joy to your landscape design.  Call Brent for a chat at 305-496-5155.

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